Welcome to the new DDOT Blog

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to The District Department of Transportation’s new blog.

Communication with our constituents and stakeholders is job #1. We have been working hard to create a more transparent DDOT and a customer-centric agency and this new blog is the latest of many outreach components we are excited to launch. We have beefed up our communications, marketing, transportation demand management (TDM), and IT capabilities (we have a great new CIO, Lance Schine btw).

We are working on a beta 2.0 version of our Transportation Access Portal for project information (dTAP). We also embraced social networking, reporters from major news outlets, national and local transportation blogs, and newbie blogs starting up. We value and appreciate deeply all of these venues help in getting our message out. Having said all of that, we still see our information getting confused sometimes in the public forum, which is natural. So, like Federal DOT, The White House, and other folks that we look up to, we are going to work to communicate directly and clearly when an important issue comes up.

We also may want to wax poetic on a topic that’s important to us from time to time. Then the other blogs out there can link to us, give commentary, and allow people to comment.

Not only will I have access to this blog, but anyone in our organization who has something pertinent to say, will have the opportunity to do so. We look forward to building a more direct connection to the people that we serve, and finding additional ways to facilitate 2-way communication with you.

-Gabe Klein
Director, d.

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