Traffic Pattern Changes at New York and Florida aves, NE

We have been seeking new avenues to communicate changes in traffic patterns that impact daily commutes for everyone: motorists, bicylists, transit riders, and pedestrians. 

If you receive our press releases, monitor our tweets, are a Facebook friend, or see our posted Variable Message Signs you probably noticed we announced a number of traffic pattern changes starting or occuring this weekend on a number of different projects – 14th Street Bridge, 11th Street Bridge (I-295), Key Bridge, and the challenging intersection at New York Avenue, Florida Avenue, and First Street in NE.

Of all these impacts, the one that may be the most confusing will be the new pattern at the New York Avenue and Florida Avenue intersection.  Anyone who travels this intersection knows the myriad of left turns, or better yet restricted left turns, traffic signals, crosswalks, and significant competing traffic.  The ongoing construction is part of a safety improvement project that will change the direction of traffic creating a “virtual circle” around the center of the intersection where the Wendy’s is.  We are now entering Phase IV of the construction in which much of the final and new traffic pattern will be put in place. 

We developed a video simulation that shows and explains the Phase IV traffic pattern which goes into effect this weekend.  If you use this intersection or know someone who does we encourage you to view the video NY-Fl Ave Video.   Please let us know if you find this useful.

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4 Responses to Traffic Pattern Changes at New York and Florida aves, NE

  1. fantine21 says:

    You have to do something about the backups on Florida Ave east-bound. The cars are backed up to North Capitol and they are blocking the intersection. Nobody on North Capitol can move north because the east bound cars are in the intersection, and pedestrians can’t cross Florida. It’s a total mess, and has been since you changed the traffic pattern. Please put a traffic control officer at the Florida & N. Capitol intersection to control the east bound cars.

  2. karynleblanc says:

    Thank you for your comment. We understand your frustration and will look to post a TCO at Florida and North Cap as well. The intersection is still an active construction zone with work continuing through the end of the summer so this makes the timing difficult at best. We continue to monitor and look at all the cross points but appreciate the feedback.

  3. ceohoward says:

    The problem with the traffic patterns at NY Ave. and Fla. Ave., NE is Wendys. Unitil Wendy’s is removed the traffic plan will not work. The plan should have never been put in place until Wendy’s was removed. As it is now traffic is backing up from NY Ave., NE all the way into NW causing traffic to seek other means to access NY Ave. East/West bound, the same for Fla. Ave., Other streets are now carrying increasing traffic loads as result of this chaotic plan that was not well thought out. What should have been done in the intrim was to deny left turns from Ekington St. into East Bound Fla. Ave., NE, provide traffic lights to control left turns into First St. NE from Fla. Ave., NE and provide a safe method of allowing traffic to criss-cross on First St. to go either East/West bound on NY Ave., NE, East Bound on Fla. Ave., NE or straight through on First St. South Bound. Once drivers find an alternate route to their final destination what will be your solution to the residential streets that will be suffering from the increased traffic loads that have developed due to this ill conceived plan.

    • johnlisle says:

      Thanks for voicing your concerns. Please remember that this project is not done and the final traffic patterns will not be completed until August. At that time we believe some of the issues you mentioned will be ironed out. The overall goal of this project is to make this heavily travelled intersection safer and to reduce the conflicts between vehicles. We’re not adding capacity but if there are fewer accidents then the flow of traffic should improve and everyone will benefit.

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