Bikeshare Locations Available

We posted the proposed bikeshare station locations today and we are looking for feedback from the community.

DDOT used a number of factors to determine the locations including population density, employment density, proximity to transit and the bike-to-work rate and we incorporated crowd sourcing as a means to identify locations (need to give a shout out to our partners at OCTO for their help with this!).

The 3 maps on the website show the locations (map 1 – google map) as well as the analysis tools we used.  The density analysis and crowd sourcing map (maps 2 and 3) really show why we identified the locations we did.  Remember, we will hope to eventually expand more but for now we feel the proposed locations you will see take the bike sharing program to another level and one that will benefit so many more residents, commuters, and visitors.

We are looking for constructive criticism here or even positive reinforcement of our choices.  Let us know either way.  We will be busy gathering input and our staff will be attending a lot of ANC meetings over the next months so check your local ANC agenda.

Click here for a link to the maps and thanks for all your interest in the bikshare program!

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12 Responses to Bikeshare Locations Available

  1. friedmanma says:

    I’m at 5th and Q NW. I hope future expansion puts a bike station closer than 5 blocks way. There seems to be a big hole there in terms of coverage.

    • We hope these 114 stations in the District and Arlington are just the beginning. We plan to add more stations down the road and will certainly be looking at locations were we can in-fill and make the service even more convenient.

  2. ewrigley says:

    Will all of the stations be the same size or will their sizes vary by density/crowd sourcing data? In Paris, the system uses different-sized stations putting smaller ones dotted around neighborhoods and larger ones at the more popular destinations.

  3. dave4al says:

    I really hope you guys consider Georgetown and the West End. Can you explain why, particularly Georgetown with its traffic choked streets and lack of transportation options, did not receive many locations? Even based on your own analysis with the heat maps it appears to fit the bill. Not sure I understand this one.

    Full disclosure: I live in the area and I hope you consider the Rose Park area as it is relatively close to the metro and could be used by East Village Georgetown residents.

  4. venacava202 says:

    I would love to see more expansion in Ward 4….Upper Georgia Ave/Brightwood/Takoma area.

  5. jacquer says:

    It appears there is a stop listed at Wisconsin and R Streets, which is a great location, and located nicely for travel to/from the Social Safeway. However, clicking on the icon shows it labeled as “Wisconsin and 37th.” Is it safe to assume that the map is correct, rather than the label?

  6. hoosieraueagle says:

    Where is the best forum to give feedback on particular bike station locations? For instance I think 4th and Eye Street, SW station should be moved south to 4th and M St SW. It would be closer to the Metro, and there’s already a station slated for 7th and Eye SW.

  7. kqan says:

    I know that you want to accommodate as many areas of the city as possible, but I think you should look at this analysis of why density in docking locations is critical to the success of a bike sharing program. I’m afraid they will be too spread out in DC to be useful.

  8. sag6h says:

    Friendship Heights is an absolute ‘must’. It’s one of the densest locations in the District, and a major job center. You can also bike there pretty easily from other locations because of the non-busy side streets around there.


    Takoma DC Metro – Need I say more?

    Cleveland Park proper (not just Zoo)

    Palisades (MacArthur Blvd at W St NW)

    Avalon Theatre (near Chevy Chase Circle)- very dense area not served by Metro

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