Big Time Work

One of the most important aspects of my job at DDOT is getting out in the field with our managers, engineers, contractors and residents on our job sites. We have more projects under way concurrently than any other time in DDOT’s history. Projects ranging from small storm water upgrades, and green alley projects, to Pennsylvania Avenue SE Great Streets and the 11th Street Bridge project.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a host of projects in SE and NW with our Deputy Director of Operations, Terry Bellamy, and our Associate Director of the Traffic Operations Administration (largest administration at DDOT), Gloria Jeff. We all bring different perspectives to projects, coming from different professional walks of life. Terry has almost 30 years in transportation planning and operations in North Carolina, Arlington VA (8 yrs) and the last 3 years here at DDOT. Gloria ran Michigan DOT, and Los Angeles DOT and was Deputy Administrator for Federal Highways under President Clinton. I am proud of the diverse team of professionals that we have assembled at DDOT, a team with personality.

We video taped our walk around at two projects recently to show people the ongoing work.  The video gives you a sense of the improvements on the projects.  I was personally very happy to see some of the aesthetic improvements on Pennsylvania Avenue SE, a grand boulevard if there ever was one, soon to be restored to its full grandeur.  Click here to see the video –

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