What Lazy Days of Summer?

Creating and maintaining a safe transportation network is a year-round job. The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) is committed not only to safety but to efficiency; so it can’t afford to take a summer vacation. That’s why DDOT is keeping its nose to the grindstone through those hazy and lazy summer days.

DDOT is working on the following priorities:

  • DC Streetcar’s H/Benning Line—Launch passenger service on DC Streetcar before the end of the year. We’ve fast-tracked operator training; work on the Car Barn Training Center and Storage Facility; launched our #staywithinthelines safety campaign that educates the public on parking near streetcar tracks; and emergency drill will schedule simulations with the District’s emergency response teams to ensure the safety of future passengers in any situation.
  • Metrobus Services—Finalize plans to improve Metrobus service along the 16th Street NW corridor.
  • moveDC Plan—Analyze and implement recommendations from the public to develop the final moveDC Plan, which is scheduled to be released September 30. The public comment period is open until July 31.
  • Restoration Work Plan FY2014 —Continue to pave and restore streets, alleys and sidewalks in the District as part of  DDOT’s FY 14 Work Plan. DDOT is on track to add about $8 million to restore sidewalks and alleys as well.
  • SafetyComplete safety improvements at the intersection of Maryland Avenue, 7th Street and D Street NE.
  • Streamline Efficiency and Services—DDOT’s creating changes  that will help the agency further streamline service requests and relay status updates about service requests to the public in a clearer fashion.

This is just a small sample of what DDOT’s been doing over the past several months. However, we realize that there is always more to do, which is why we are:

  • Continuing to engage our residents to improve customer service.
  • Improving transparency, becoming clearer with the public about what we’re doing—from individual service requests to large infrastructure projects.
  • Working to make our 22-mile DC Streetcar Plan a reality.

At DDOT, we’re working every day to improve our services, our efficiency and our track record. However, we encourage you to continue to help to push us forward. When you attend agency meetings—or communicate with us via social media, emails or in any other way—it helps us to grow as an agency, shape our future decisions and better serve you, the residents of the District of Columbia.

About DDOT Blogger

The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) develops and maintains for the District of Columbia a cohesive sustainable transportation system that delivers safe, affordable, and convenient ways to move people and goods - while protecting and enhancing the natural, environmental and cultural resources of the District.
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