Small Setbacks Not Stopping Capital Bikeshare from Improving, Expanding Service


The District Department of Transportation’s (DDOT) Capital Bikeshare system has experienced a record-breaking year of ridership, with over 1 million rides taken since June 1. With so much demand for bikesharing, we’ve received many questions about when we will be able to add more Capital Bikeshare stations and bikes in the District. Here are some answers:

Recently Installed Bikeshare Stations 

In June, our Capital Bikeshare operations contractor (Alta Bicycle Share) was able to obtain some much-needed hardware to address our immediate expansion needs. We have installed three new stations in the past few months (at 24th Street and New Hampshire Avenue NW; 34th Street and Water Street NW and at the Martin Luther King Jr. Library). We have also added docks to several existing downtown stations to accommodate rush-hour demand. Our Capital Bikeshare partners in Arlington County, Montgomery County and the City of Alexandria have added new stations as well.

In The Queue 

We still have approximately 10 more new stations to install in the District this year and we are working through our placement list (below) to identify 10 of 12 potential locations, which we developed based on member input, user demand and other demographic criteria such as population and employment density:

Twelve potential locations for future Capital Bikeshare stations.

Twelve potential locations for future Capital Bikeshare stations.

  • 1st Street and K Street NE
  • 5th Street and Florida Avenue NE
  • Division Avenue and Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE
  • 11th Street and S Street NW
  • 14th Street and Irving Street NW
  • 15th Street and L Street NW
  • 17th Street and G Street NW
  • 18th Street and R Street NW
  • 19th Street and G Street NW
  • Connecticut Avenue and McKinley Street NW
  • Georgia Avenue and Missouri Avenue NW
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue (at St. Elizabeths Campus)

We are consulting with Advisory Neighborhood Commissions, property owners and Business Improvement Districts to pin down exact spots for these station locations. However, some of these locations may not pan out, and some may take longer than others to finalize.

Resolving Issues, Looking Ahead

Recently, we experienced some setbacks with the some Capital Bikeshare vendors. We continue to plan for a larger expansion of Capital Bikeshare, but there is still some uncertainty about our supply of new equipment.  In addition to the bankruptcy last year of the company that makes the bikeshare equipment, the two companies that worked together on the hardware and software components of the system have discontinued their partnership.

We like to view these setbacks as small bumps in bringing forth a mode of transportation that is just coming into its own. Moving forward, the manufacturer of the software and circuitry for our Capital Bikeshare stations has committed to producing an all-new, enhanced bikeshare station that will work seamlessly with our existing system. We haven’t yet had a chance to test this new station, and cannot commit to a larger-scale expansion of Capital Bikeshare in the District until we are fully satisfied that this new hardware meets or exceeds our requirements. However, our hope is that by Spring 2015, we will be announcing the arrival of 40 or more new stations that will bring Capital Bikeshare to many more DC residents, workers, and destinations.


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The District Department of Transportation (DDOT) develops and maintains for the District of Columbia a cohesive sustainable transportation system that delivers safe, affordable, and convenient ways to move people and goods - while protecting and enhancing the natural, environmental and cultural resources of the District.
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