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Impervious Surface Removal

Quietly, while no one was looking, DDOT has been taking something right out from under you! But, there’s no need to thank us – we’re just trying to make our city a more Sustainable DC. John Thomas, our Chief Forester, … Continue reading

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What is an LPI? A Head Start for Pedestrians

(Posted by George Branyan, DDOT’s Pedestrian Program Coordinator) DDOT in now using a new tool for increasing pedestrian safety. The Leading Pedestrian Interval, or LPI, is a simple signal timing change that can have a big impact on the lives … Continue reading

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Nannie Helen Burroughs – Into the Next Century

Posted by Karina Ricks, DDOT Associate Director, Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration (and former Great Streets Program Manager) “To struggle and battle and overcome and absolutely defeat every force designed against us is the only way to achieve.” – Nannie … Continue reading

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Ride it, Drive it, Walk it, Share it!

Posted by Karyn Le Blanc, DDOT Director of Communications Something we learn from a very young age is how to share, to be fair and to try to make sure everyone has access to an equitable portion. We are taught … Continue reading

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Parking Meter Pilots Survey

…many times the best way to make sure that your planning makes sense is to test things on the ground and to make sure they work as well in reality as they do in theory. A great example of that is our plan to improve the District’s parking program which is leveraging the expertise, technology and resources of the private sector. Basically, show me it’s the best, quickly, before I spend taxpayers $ to buy it. Continue reading

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Statement on Pennsylvania Ave Bike Lanes

I think it’s okay to admit when we make a mistake, and in our initial design, I think we were a little too utopian on paper, and will benefit from a simpler, safer, more straight forward design. Continue reading

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